Designer Dresses

Brilliance, glamour and bold style… fashion isn’t simply clothing anymore. Now it’s a statement, a reflection of your personality. Buying a designer dress nowadays is an investment in a lasting first impression. Here at Oshel, we carry a large selection of luxury designer dresses in the Greater Toronto Area. Within our expansive collection, we are sure to help you find a dress that you both adore and feel confident in.

Dress for Success to Impress

With a designer dress, you will always stand out of the crowd. However, it’s important to find the perfect designer dress for you. One that will capture sensuality, the perfect colour combination, design and comfort in exactly the way that you want.

Oshel carries over 30 different European brands and designers such as Gizia, Tarik Ediz, Baliza, Sassofono, and Adl in Canada.

Whether it’s a gala, anniversary, or any other special event in your agenda, Oshel will find a stunning look for you that will highlight your body. A variety of European styles and designer dresses line our GTA location that combine modern design and traditional elegance.

Our professional fashionistas will help you to add depth to your look with all of our striking designer dresses. On Oshel shelves you will find everything you need, from a simple shift dress to evening gowns in the Greater Toronto Area, all that make a bold statement.

Finding the perfect dress in Toronto can be very overwhelming, especially when you are getting ready for a special event. This is when you should look into acquiring the help of an Oshel specialist who not only knows the latest trends but also understands your vision. An Oshel specialist can help you to make the right choice towards finding the perfect designer dress that will accentuate your beauty.

Oshel is your luxury source for designer dresses in the Greater Toronto Area. Book a personal consultation with our highly professional and knowledgeable staff members or visit our store during open hours on Friday and Saturday.