Formal Dresses

Formal dresses are usually long with elegant decoration and detailing. However, trends are forever changing in the fashion world. There are multiple different styles that can be worn at a formal event and still have you looking luxurious. Oshel’s House of Fashion is your hub for beautiful formal dresses in the Greater Toronto Area. Our trusted Fashion Consultants can be sure to find the perfect dress for you for any occasion.

The Best Accessories for Formal Dresses

So you’ve found the dress of your dreams, and its perfect! But, whats next? It’s time to pick out the greatest accessories to enhance your look. Some people believe that all accessories should match the dress. But, accessorizing is more than just matching- It’s about creating a particular look. Whether you’re aiming to be classy, dramatic, romantic or bold, the Fashion Consultants at our GTA location will help you find the prettiest dress accessories to accompany your lovely formal dresses.

Here is some advice from our fashionistas:

The basic rule about accessorizing is to complement the dress. If you have decided to wear a formal dress in a solid colour, you should choose sparkling jewelry to accompany it. On the contrary, if your dress is sparkly itself, try to match the shine (gold for gold, for example).

In terms of earrings, the length and the shine of the earrings should vary depending on your dress and other complements. If your dress has a bare neckline then choose longer and shinier earrings. If your dress has lots of details around the neck and shoulder area then it’s best to stick with smaller earrings.

Undoubtedly, the most important accessory is the shoes. First, you should find a pair that are comfortable so you can dance all night long! If you like solid coloured formal dresses then you can spice up your outfit with a bold patterned or coloured shoe. In the case that your dress is shiny, patterned or has jewelry, it’s best if you stick with basic shoes.

If you have any trouble mixing and matching styles, don’t worry! Oshel fashion experts are here to help. Make a reservation today for a one-on-one fashion consultation to find perfect formal dresses in the Greater Toronto Area to look stunning on your big day.