Style in PINK!

This season, colors will transport us to a joyous and carefree place, where you’ll feel free to express authenticity in the way you dress. Are you ready for the great reveal? The go-to colour for spring 2017 is… pink!!! The innocent and mystical shades of pink are everywhere; designers, runways, brands, they’ve all got the enchanting tones! They’re spellbinding! Baby Pink, Candy, Coral and Rose! The blush hues are gorgeous, dainty and elegant, and just a bit flirtatious. Check out Oshel house of fashion to discover what shade of pink you’ll fall in love with this spring!

The secret of looking fab in 2017

Want to know the secret of looking fab in 2017? Get ahead of the game with bell sleeves! The dramatic yet simple effect will have you starting the new year with a bang.

It’s time fashion not only expressed who we are but also what we strive to be. What we wear should represent how high we aim to achieve our goals for the new year approaching us, and these sleeves will do just that!

Embrace the Winter with colour

When the temperature starts to drop, there is no better way to stay warm and make a chic statement in bright and bold colored coats that’ll made heads turns. 

Express yourself in our autumnal wear, consisting of both real and faux fur, new and unique shades, the latest “must haves”: corseted waists and the puffy volume that to die for.

The essential fall colors have been reinvented, giving them a certain “je ne sais quoi” that they previously lacked: Crimson cherry, Potter’s Clay, and Spicy Mustard, we’ve got them all!

We don’t always dress the way models do in magazines and in fashion shows, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some inspiration and make it our own.

Shine like a diamond!

Months ago, we saw the most important fashion weeks of the world present the metallic trend and also started noticing celebrities adding metallic colors to their wardrobes. Metallic tones are normally seen from the glam futurist and rock and roll look. However now everyone can wear them!

There are over hundreds of metallic fashion items from clothing to accessories that can be worn in your daily looks. The best way to rock the look without making it seem too ‘glam’ is by mixing them with neutral colors to lower the ‘dressed up’ look but seem glamorous at the same time.

This Fall Is All About Velvet

When the cool weather finally does settle in as autumn looms before us, there’s one trend we’re falling for: Velvet.

In salute to the blast from the past, the representative 90s trend has made a definitive comeback this fall, influence runways from Paris to New York.

What's really exciting about velvet is when we see casual pieces interpreted in this luxurious fabric, it is a great example of what the full 2016 mix has brought to the runway.



Shopping at Oshel

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Welcome to Oshel

Oshel is an innovative multi-brand women fashion house. It offers unique European brands, with focus on the latest design and top notch quality. Oshel also carries its own brand of products designed in Canada and Europe, and manufactured in Europe.  

Oshel carries two lines; formal wear, which includes gowns, evening and cocktail dresses; and casual wear. Oshel imports its lines directly from Europe, resulting in by-passing any middle man. Therefore, it brings best of European fashion at very affordable prices.

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